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What makes you different

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Jul 28, 2014 5:56:00 PM

I’ve been at a few industry events lately, like BriForum and the VTUG Summer Slam, and I keep getting the same question:

“So, what makes you guys different?”

It’s a broad question and it’s always a busy tradeshow floor, so I’ve thought a lot about how to answer this succinctly. The most complex thing about the question is that I don’t know what the asker’s frame of reference is: Different, but different from what?


I always start by explaining what we do, so whoever I’m talking to knows where in the universe of solutions we are. “We are a software-only server-side solution that improves the performance of storage in VMware environments.”

Then I go through the biggest ways in which we are different from other solutions in our space:

  • We’re a content-based cache. Most caches are location-based, which means they cache data based on its location being requested. In contrast, we cache content based on its being requested, independent of its location. This enables us to deduplicate very effectively across a large environment.

  • We’re software-only. This deduplication means that we can use small amounts of RAM very effectively. You don’t need any SSDs or flash-based cards to get much better performance out of your existing storage array.  Infinio cache is shared and deduplicated across hosts, creating a large effective cache size.  Many customers use Infinio with just 8GB of RAM from each host. Yup, 8GB.

  • We don’t make any changes to your environment. You don’t need to set up any new datastores or install any agents, and you can continue using your familiar array software, snapshots, and backup or replication scripts. (Well, we do make a few changes to your environment, but we don’t make any that you will notice.)

These unique differences are the direct result of our fundamental architecture, which is the foundation that supports all the features of our product. So the choices we made shaping our architecture baked in our differences right from the start.

After that, I like to talk with people about their environments and hear if they have the kinds of issues we might be able to help with: latency problems, aging storage arrays, unhappy VDI users, etc.  And of course I like demonstrating our software so visitors can see the reduction of latency and the offload rates from back end storage.

A solid core architecture, straightforward installation, and low environmental impact. That’s what makes us different.

Sheryl is Director of Product Marketing at Infinio

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