Infinite I/O

The latency/IOPS curve, revisited in the age of flash

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Jul 2, 2018 6:28:00 PM

One of the fundamental truths about storage performance is that there is a predictable curve that relates IOPS to latency. At first, latency rises gently, sometimes even imperceptibly, as IOPS rise. At some inflection point, this changes, and suddenly every incremental unit of IOPS that a system takes on results in an exponential increase in latency.

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Topics: Performance, Latency

The awesomeness that happened when we integrated with SolarWinds VMAN

Posted by Dan Perkins on Nov 14, 2016 2:58:00 PM

Today, I'll outline how you can use SolarWinds Integrated Virtual Infrastructure Monitor (IVIM) and SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (VMAN), Infinio Accelerator, and a little scripting, to build an automated latency remediation process.  To fit all of this into a single post, I plan to focus on the required details and leave out fine tuning and exception handling.  I'll also point you to a bare-bones script that you can adapt for your purposes.

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Topics: Performance, Automatic Remediation, Solarwinds, Latency