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Running vSphere 6? Why you should care about VAIO.

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Jun 22, 2016 12:00:00 AM

One of the things we've been touting about our newest release is how it is built specifically for vSphere 6 environments, using VMware's vSphere APIs for IO filters ("VAIO") framework.

Today is the first in a series of posts about VAIO, and it covers what is probably the most important question: As a VMware customer, 

"Why do I care that you developed on VAIO?"


1. VMware Ready certification for ESXi v6

If you're running ESXi v6 (or plan to upgrade), you will continue to get the best support from VMware with Infinio because of our VMware Ready certification. This is VMware's "highest level of endorsement" for partner software.  The only way to get this certification for our class of product is to develop on VAIO, and it means that we're in the compatiility guide, and that VMware will seamlessly provide technical support to environments that include Infinio.


2. Performance without complexity

We jumped at the chance to be an early development partner for the VAIO project, because we knew that customers were eager to adopt caching software, but sometimes plagued by the complexity of "wild west" implementation. Today, VAIO offers the most direct way to intercept I/O, without the added steps of accessing a cache VM, the complexity of changing networking, or the conflict with existing multipathing products, like EMC PowerPath.   
3.  Accelerate any storage 
Building on VAIO means that we can accelerate any storage that VMware supports - including SAN, NAS, DAS, hyper-converged, VSAN, and VVOLs.  And, we're future-proofed; as VMware introduces support for new storage types and media (like storage-class memory), we'll have Day Zero support for them as well. Today, whether you're using all-flash arrays, hybrid arrays, classic arrays, SSDs, PCIe flash, or NVMe flash, we've got you covered.
4.  Get started with Storage Policy-Based Management 
You've probably been hearing about VMware's Software Defined Datacenter for a while now. By developing on VAIO, we automatically integrate with Storage Policy-Based Management within vCenter.  If you're already using storage policies, great - you can include our I/O filter in whichever policies you'd like.  If you haven't started using policies, no problem - our software will take care of everything, and you can monitor the policies in vCenter to learn more.

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