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Results from our VMware Usage Trends Survey

Posted by Kelsie Marks on Mar 18, 2019 6:58:00 PM

Our last survey on hybrid cloud strategies told us that the vast majority of companies will be keeping on-premise infrastructure to varying degrees. So, this time we wanted to find out how they see scope changing, what technology people are planning to use, and how they plan to monitor and manage performance for remaining on-premise workloads.

In February of 2019 we surveyed over 1,400 IT practitioners via email and have compiled the results to share. 

1.) Approximately how many ESXi hosts do you manage?:

  • 3 or less
  • 4 - 25
  • 26 - 100
  • 100 +
  • Unsure


2019 chart 1

 Chart 1: summarized results from question one

2.) Over the next 2 years, do you foresee changes to the number of ESXi hosts in your environment?:

  • Increase
  • Decrease
  • Stay the same
  • Unsure 


Our last survey revealed that (85%) of respondents use the cloud in some capacity. Despite the high-percentage of cloud adoption, results from this survey tell us that (51%) of respondents expect the number of ESXi hosts in their environment to increase in the next two years, and only (12%) foresee the number of ESXi hosts to decrease.

2019 chart 2

 Chart 2: summarized results from question two 

3.) What type of disk will your primary storage system(s) be using for VMware workloads this year? (check all that apply): 

  • All-Spinning Disk (HDD)
  • All-Flash (SSD)
  • Hybrid (Mixed HDD/SSD)
  • Unsure


Almost two thirds (64%) of respondents use a mix of HDD/SSD as their primary storage for VMware workloads.

2019 chart 3

 Chart 3: summarized results from question three

4.) Which VMware-hosted applications or services would you see value with improved performance? (check all that apply)?:

  • ERP (SAP, ORCL, MSFT Dynamics, etc.)
  • Financial
  • Web Portal
  • Virtual Desktops / Terminal Services
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • File Services / Sharepoint
  • Email
  • Backups
  • Document Management
  • Reporting / Business Intelligence
  • DB Batch Jobs
  • SQL DB
  • Oracle DB
  • No Complaints
  • Other (explain)


To little surprise, only (14%) of respondents have no complaints in regards to the performance of their VMware hosted applications/services. Additionally, half of the survey participants selected SQL DB and Virtual Desktops / Terminal Services as applications they would like to see improved performance.

2019 chart 42019 chart 4

 Chart 4: summarized results from question four

5.) Rank the following storage system attributes in order of importance when your organization considers new purchases or upgrades:

  • Latency
  • Cost
  • Throughput
  • Capacity
  • Manageability


(58%) of respondents ranked Latency or Cost as the most important attribute to their organization when considering new purchases/upgrades and (42%) ranked Manageability as the least important attribute. 

2019 chart 52019 chart 5

 Chart 5: summarized results from question five

6.) If you could cut latency in half and reduce the load on your existing storage system(s) with a certified software-only solution, would that provide value to your business?:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Unsure
  • Other (explain)


Only 7% of respondents would not see value in cutting latency in half with a software only solution.

2019 chart 6

2019 chart 6

 Chart 6: summarized results from question six

7.) How do you monitor performance? (Open ended):



This question was an open text format. The word cloud below includes summarized results with larger text indicating the most common responses.  Solarwinds, built in VMware tools, and vRealize were some of the most popular monitoring tools.

wordcloud monitor performance wordcloud monitor performance

 Word Cloud: summarized results from question seven


  • 77% of respondents currently manage 4 - 100+ ESXi hosts and 78% of respondents think that the number of ESXi hosts will either increase or stay the same in the next two years. 
  • The top 3 applications/services that respondents would see value in increased performance of are SQL DB, Virtual Desktops, Backups, and File Services/Share Point.
  • Latency and Cost were the two most important attributes to organizations when considering upgrades and purchases. 
  • Over 50% of respondents would find value in a software only solution to reduce latency. 

We are very grateful to all of our survey respondents who helped us learn about how they monitor and manage performance of their on-premise workloads and their VMware usage plans in the next two years.

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