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Redefining Storage Performance in an All-Flash World

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Mar 27, 2018 6:19:00 PM

Earlier this week, our VP of Engineering, Tom Linnell, presented a webinar entitled "Redefining Storage Performance in an All-Flash World."

Tom, a storage performance expert with over three decades of experience at IPL, Andatico, and EMC, covered topics including:

  • 3D NAND vs 3D XPoint
  • Intel Optane performance
  • The latency / IOPS curve, revisited
  • Measuring storage performance
  • Engineering the ideal server-side storage product
  • Best practices for implementing server-side storage

We'll be starting a series of blog posts on all these topics, so stay tuned. Can't wait? You can watch the webinar on demand, or just flip through the slides.


Topics: Performance