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Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Apr 17, 2017 3:54:00 PM, a cloud hosting provider, recently deployed Infinio for all their customers. I talked with owner Michael Custance and Systems Administrator Gary to learn how it’s been going.

SK: Tell me about

MC: We’re a cloud hosting provider and our customer base is diverse, ranging from clients with a single server to companies with hundreds of users. We support a variety of applications, including SQL, Exchange, Oracle, accounting applications like Sage and Iris, and web servers. All customer data is hosted on Dell PowerEdge servers and HP StoreVirtual VSA-based storage.

SK: What made you look at Infinio?

MC: We are always on the lookout for solutions that can enhance performance and availability for our customers. I heard about Infinio and thought that offering such high performance could help us compete with other cloud providers.

SK: I know you started with an evaluation of the product. How did that go?

GE: It was really smooth. In our development lab, we saw about 90% of requests being offloaded from our storage system. And latency consistently dropped from 9ms to below 1ms. I saw it below 100 microseconds sometimes.

SK: That must have been convincing. How did you decide to roll out to production?

GE: Being a VMware certified partner ourselves, we felt comfortable transitioning to production because of Infinio’s VMware Ready certification. We know that with our combined certifications, we can deliver a seamless deployment for our joint customers. At this point all our customers are running on Infinio.

SK: What would you have chosen if you hadn’t heard of Infinio?

MC: Well, we had looked at various alternatives, but nothing was both reliable and high-performing. Using Infinio gives us all-flash performance on our tried-and-true storage array.

SK: So when will you evaluate storage next?

MC: You know, with Infinio providing performance, we anticipate continuing with our current storage architecture for another 3 years. When I can keep CapEx down, that is passed on to our customers as savings.

SK: Thanks for your time, Mike and Gary.

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