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Customer Q&A with Linn County (OR): Faster enterprise applications

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Nov 16, 2016 3:03:00 PM

I recently talked with Mike Armstrong, Linn County (OR)'s network engineer, about their deployment of Infino.  Here's a summary of that conversation.

SK: Hi Mike, I’m looking forward to hearing about your success with Infinio. Can you give me some background about Linn County?Linn cropped

MA: Sure, we’re a county located in western Oregon, home to 100,000 citizens. We provide all the usual governmental services to our constituents, and there are 8 of us in IT who support the county.

SK: And what can you tell us about your technical environment?

MA: We run VMware on HP servers, and we’ve built our own whitebox iSCSI arrays. We use a lot of SQL, and some specialized applications like JustWare for the judicial system and ownCloud for file services. We back it all up with Veeam.

SK: So tell me what made you look at Infinio.

MA: Well, after some growth, we were doing fine keeping up with capacity, but thought that we could do a little better for storage performance. The first solution I looked at seemed good, but the pricing was ridiculous, and we’d have to buy SSDs. I went to a VMware Users Group meeting in Portland and learned about Infinio, which seemed like it might work for us. In comparison to other software, I liked that we didn’t have to buy a lot of hardware to test.

SK: Yes, that’s often what attracts our customers initially. How did the evaluation go?

MA: Really well. We evaluated right in production shortly after the VMUG. We configured a RAM-only cache and we had immediate results. The first thing I noticed was backups: suddenly what used to take four hours was now taking two hours. ‘This is really good!’ I thought to myself.

SK: Wow, that’s great. What else did you find?

MA: Well, other applications showed lower latencies as well. I was really impressed with the hands-off nature of the product once it was installed. You know that infomercial, ‘set it and forget it?’ We’re happy with Infinio and we don’t have to do anything to maintain it.

Screenshot for case study

This screenshot shows significant latency reduction during peak loads

SK: I’m so glad to hear it’s been such a good experience. So, what’s next for Linn County?

MA: We plan to expand our VMware cluster shortly, which will include Infinio. Also, I’m used to deploying RAID 10 for databases, but with the performance we see with Infinio, we can use RAID 6. That will provide significantly more space for us on the same hardware. Finally, we’ll be upgrading VMware to version 6, and then we’re really looking forward to Infinio 3.0 and the per-VM acceleration, because some of our applications really benefit from Infinio. I want to direct our resources to the applications that need it most.

SK: Thanks for talking with me today, Mike!



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