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Content-based caching video series

Posted by Alan Brandon on Aug 18, 2020 2:22:40 PM

This week we're releasing a three-part video series about content-based caching. Vishal Misra, our CTO and founder, explains his research into queuing systems, content-based caching, and how they helped shape the development of Infinio Accelerator. He also presents some real-world results based on customer deployments.


The series includes the following episodes:

  • Load vs. latency
  • Accelerator architecture
  • Real-world results

The materials are based on Vishal's work at Columbia University, where he is a professor of Computer Science. He previously contributed here on our blog.

Part 1 is available today. You can view it here.

The remaining episodes will be released later this week, so check back on our blog.

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