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Accelerating VSAN

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on May 30, 2017 4:25:00 PM

In the past year, VSAN has become a major force in enterprise storage.  Once relegated to test labs, VSAN is now probably the top product we hear customers considering as their storage refresh comes around.

Because we built Infinio on VMware's VAIO platform, we've supported VSAN from the start. Our VAIO integration also provides top-notch performance, intercepting all storage I/O, even that to and from VSAN, at a level that provides microsecond-level response time. Building on VAIO also means that Infinio is activated for VMs the same way VSAN is - through VMware's Storage Policy-Based Management.

As customers design their VSAN deployments, many of them are turning to Infinio to ensure they have the performance necessary to support enterprise applications.  This is because with Infinio, VSAN customers get:

  • Significant performance benefits, even on All-Flash
  • VMware Ready certification
  • Transparent integration with VSAN and vSphere tools
  • Simple 15-minute installation

To learn more about Infinio for VSAN, and see results from our performance benchmarking, Read the Solution Brief

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