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Thinking Like An Admin: Scale Out Storage

Posted by Matt Brender on Sep 23, 2014
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Infinio is designed to enable a VMware virtualization administrator to take storage performance into her own hands. The goal is unique to the I/O optimization category while the software-only design is truly unique to us. In that way, storage administrators can benefit from their virtualization peers helping take on the problem of performance.



Thinking Like Storage Owners

Organizations expect storage to provide both a sufficient amount of capacity as well as ample performance. However, infrastructure growth, particularly in virtualized environments, occurs at a rapid pace. As additional I/O requests increase the stress on shared services, storage performance can suffer, plaguing both application owners and virtual desktop users. This poor performance is often the result of high latency spikes due to a blend of I/O profiles in a virtualized environment. Both reads and writes can be bottlenecked by activities in the array during periods of high read traffic, resulting in degradation of application performance. The source of this trouble is often heavy I/O patterns overwhelming a small number of spinning hard drives.

IT professionals have tried to absorb this heaving I/O in a variety of ways. Adding spinning drives requires significant updates to aggregates including operational changes and restriping of existing data. Updating to a faster disks, say from 10k to 15k, is a destructive behavior. Adding SSDs or PCIe cards, while high-performance, is not always within budget and cannot scale out storage along with demand. Brand new storage arrays are rarely in the budget more often than once every 3-5 years.

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Why Infinio Fits

The need for on-demand improvement to performance at a reasonable cost is the foundation of Infinio Accelerator. Infinio’s strategy is built on several key observations: 

  •      While flash is increasingly being used as an alternative to traditional spinning hard drives, DRAM is an even faster medium
  •      Virtual machines typically display very high levels of data redundancy, requesting the same content frequently across a cluster
  •      People running datacenters want solutions that are affordable, and that preserve their existing investments and operations

Addressing the need for additional storage performance without high operational cost or capital expenditure is a needed link to maintaining application performance and customer satisfaction. The benefit of keeping the storage in place today while getting the performance you need for tomorrow is why esisting storage and Infinio are a winning combination to alleviate potential bottlenecks in a scale-out way. Customers like Attivio see this value everyday. 


Scale-out Today

Infinio gives you scale out performance today on the storage you already love. That's the differentiator over other ways of fixing storage performance imbalance. And by the way, that's without the need for rearchitecture, all for a fraction of the cost of a new system. 

So let's address performance growth today and not wait until the next buying cycle.