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Our work with Solarwinds on hands-off storage latency resolution

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Oct 31, 2016

We've been working with our friends over at Solarwinds® to see how we could deploy Infinio Accelerator alongide Solarwinds Virtualization Manager ("VMAN"). Storage latency issues remain a major concern in vSphere environments, and our goal was to see if we could make it even easier to address storage latency issues using VMAN's monitoring with Infinio's acceleration.  

As it turns out, without any heavy lifting, it's easy to monitor latency on virtual machines within VMAN, then automatically activate Infinio acceleration on any or all virtual machines that show latency.  There are no reboots or downtime required, and all activity can be easily and immediately monitored.

Chart showing precipitous drop in latency

When you use VMAN with Infinio, you can:

  • Monitor your VMware environment and set alerts for storage latency
  • Automatically activate storage acceleration when latencies reach certain thresholds
  • Focus storage resources on the workloads that need them most
  • Eliminate manual intervention in reconfiguring workloads to alleviate storage latency

Join a live demonstration of this next week, then check back here for detailed instructions on how to implement it yourself.

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