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Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Apr 3, 2014

Setting the table for a discussion about storage performance

If you’ve ever hosted a dinner party, it’s come up—the dreaded oven contention problem.  How are you going to get everything cooked and timed to serve a hot dinner?  Perhaps baking contortions ensue—“maybe if we parboil the potatoes earlier in the day…” “what if we only make one side dish?”


But what if you also used your microwave?  Suddenly you’d have breathing room—you could heat the hors d'oeuvres and then some of the items you’d cooked earlier in the microwave, making room in the oven for the main dish and the larger sides. The items that needed quick heating could go into the microwave, and that would make enough room in the main oven for the items that need longer duration.

Why is this on Infinio’s blog?  We don’t sell microwaves...

Because it is a great analogy for understanding storage offload. And storage offload is one of the ways in which Infinio improves performance in our customers’ environments.

With the magic of search-and-replace, let’s go back to the example above, but in an IT context:

If you have a VMware server farm with centralized storage, it’s come up—the dreaded contention problem.  How are we going to get enough performance to our growing VMware farm? Perhaps technical contortions ensue—“maybe if we move these datastores to RAID 10…” “what if we only provide flash to the Tier 1 apps?”


But what if the VMware administrator downloaded a trial of Infinio? Suddenly she had breathing room—she got really fast performance when VMs requested often-accessed data, like for her VDI boot storms and the compile farm. These requests being served from Infinio’s distributed cache freed up performance capability on her centralized storage for a the new applications that had to be brought online. The data that was accessed most often was kept in cache, and that freed up the backend storage to support additional I/O load.

Offload isn’t the only way Infinio improves performance - so stay tuned for some more posts on understanding storage performance... with or without hors d'oeuvres.


Sheryl is Director of Product Marketing at Infinio

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