Infinite I/O

MIC Business Solutions, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, accelerates Oracle, SQL and SharePoint with Infinio

Posted by Julita Kussmaul on Jan 21, 2016

MIBS_Logo.pngMIC Business Solutions, Inc. (MIBS), a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation and a leading provider of IT services, manages the information systems, such as SAP and Oracle, for customers in the highly performance-sensitive global financial trading industry across the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. So when spikes 
in I/O requests occasionally overlapped during “rush hour” resulting in a negative impact on application performance and caused the end-of-day reports to run longer than usual, MIBS’ New York City-based server team started evaluating other storage solutions. “Although we had high hopes for improving performance with the EqualLogic hybrid array, the solution, while costly, didn’t give our system a significant boost,” said T.C. Chen, senior system engineer for MIBS. “It can’t support the full extent of projects we’re planning to tackle in the future.”

After learning about Infinio at an IT industry show, MIBS was immediately interested in using server-side cache as an innovative approach to improving storage performance. The software-only Infinio Accelerator required no additional hardware and was entirely non-disruptive, making it simple for MIBS to evaluate and implement. The team loved Infinio’s ease of management and its clear GUI, and was drawn to the solution’s potential for extending the life of the existing storage and avoiding a significant investment in purchasing and managing additional arrays.

“With Infinio offloading up to 99 percent of SharePoint’s I/O requests, all of our enterprise applications such as Oracle and SQL databases can run much better because they have more storage resources available to them now,” said Chen.

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