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3 Ways to Refresh your VMware Environment this Spring

Posted by Amanda Carignan on Mar 24, 2016

There is something special about Spring arriving in New England, where Infinio is headquartered: days start to get longer, the Red Sox fire up a new season, and lots of people are motivated to clean up yards and outdoor space as we dig out from winter.   

But spring cleaning doesn't have to be limited to your home: What about a spring refresh in your VMware environment?

  1. Security: It's a good time to ensure that you have the right security policies in place and all your resources and administrators have the right levels of access.  See VMware's "Security Hardening Guide" for help on this - the spreadsheet format makes it easy to get started.
  1. VM Sprawl: Once you've looked at security, you may also want to evaluate whether you need all the virtual machines that have been created in your environment.  This paper is an "oldie but goodie" from VMware, which helps manage this process of determining which VMs are unused, and deciding what to do with them.  
  1. Performance: If you are tired of slow storage performance, consider the Infinio Accelerator:  Storage Acceleration for VMware. Our software uses server-side RAM  to create a software-based storage performance caching layer that keeps IOPS as close to your applications as possible, meaning you’re eliminating all possible bottlenecks.  Meanwhile, you’ll keep using your existing SAN or NAS array for storage capacity.  Infinio can be installed in 30 minutesin a non-disruptive manner, and has been proven to reduce latency 10x.      

To find out more about Infinio, come visit us at one of our many stops this spring season.  On April 14th our team will be at the VMUG in West Palm Beach, FL, followed by the VMUG in Philadelphia, PA on May 10th and the VMUG in Denver on May 26th.   The Infinio team will also be on the road through New England at several other local events, showcasing the software and offering live demos to those who stop by the Infinio booth.  To find out more about where you can see Infinio, visit:

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