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How to accelerate software build and test environments – a webinar replay

Posted by Julita Kussmaul on Jun 29, 2015

SW_graphicA couple of weeks ago Infinio broadcasted a customer webinar entitled “Storage acceleration: Scalable software build and test infrastructure on a budget.”

If you are in a company that builds software, and you are looking for new technologies that can accelerate the software build and test process while staying on budget, click here to watch the replay.

Infinio’s presenters and software development experts, Peter Smith – VP of Product Management and Gavin Gray – Director of Software Delivery, provided an overview of the software development and release process, its complexities and challenges. Several storage architectures, including all-flash and hybrid arrays, and public cloud offer solutions for these challenging environments.

But it is the software-based storage acceleration category, represented by companies such as Infinio, that can provide an exceptionally good fit for these highly demanding environments. Their workloads are characterized by frequent, repetitious requests from automated processes for largely duplicate content such as source code, binaries, and test exemplars, while often having to relay on underperforming or overtaxed storage.

Following a 30-minute no downtime, no disruption installation, Infinio starts delivering results at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, by:

  • Reducing software build times (for developer labs - faster builds lead to more productive test-driven development, for nightly tests - more tests can be administered each night);
  • Improving test correctness (lower storage latency, faster feedback and less test failures);
  • Completely eliminating storage spend on new hardware.

Several of Infinio's current customers, including Attivio, can testify to the power of our solution in software creation. Infinio extensively uses its own product to build and test next releases of Infinio Accelerator, and to ensure compatibility accross generations. Read this short brief about how Infinio can speed up build times and improve test correctness while leveraging existing storage in software build and test processes.