Infinite I/O

Comtec powers its production environment for IaaS customers with Infinio

Posted by Julita Kussmaul on Jan 12, 2016

Comtec Enterprises, a UK-based provider of IT infrastructure, data center and communications solutions since 1994, has a stellar reputation based on an outstanding industry knowledge and an understanding of both the challenges that face enterprises and the vast array of technologies available to them. So when increasing storage latencies threatened to slow down its fast growing infrastructure-as-a-service hosting business, Comtec considered many options, including hybrid arrays, hyper-converged technologies, software-defined solutions and adding solid state disks to its servers. But based on its ease of use, non-disruptive operation and an unbeatable cost efficiency, Comtec deployed Infinio Accelerator, a software-based, server-side solution designed to increase storage performance in VMware environments with no additional hardware at a fraction of the cost of alternative designs. Read Comtec’s case study here.  

“In each case, the cost was too high for our required storage capacity, in the range of 50,000-60,000 pounds, and highly disruptive,” said Phil Reed, technical director and lead architect at Comtec Enterprises Ltd.

“Infinio UI’s internal statistics allow us to see the immediate effects that it is having on the storage infrastructure and the benefits it is giving to our
 hosted customers,” said Reed. “Infinio improved our system performance and extended the effective 
life and usage of our existing storage infrastructure, without disrupting operations and with minimal fuss.”

Today, Infinio provides the needed performance boost to the hosted services customers. But Infinio is also part of the future strategy when it will be used in conjunction with new solid-state storage and extended storage capacity. Comtec is also considering adding Infinio to its own catalog of products and services it offers, as the team feels that it is a great fit for its portfolio and customers’ needs.