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Citrix Synergy 2014 highlights

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on May 14, 2014

We told you last week that Infinio Accelerator has been certified Citrix Ready. And, not-so-coincidentally, the Infinio away team attended our first Citrix Synergy show in Anaheim, California.

With over 5,000 attendees, Citrix Synergy is very busy. We had a great week at the show. The biggest highlight was getting to meet so many customers and partners, and introducing them to Infino. Of course, for us New Englanders tired of a long winter, the weather was a highlight too.

Here some more highlights from our Citrix Synergy debut:

Citrix Customers

We met hundreds of customers, many of whom were learning about Infinio for the first time. While some were very focused on what we can do to enhance a XenDesktop environment, many were generally interested in our server-side cache technology. Our double-nested virtualization environment ended up working out quite well as a demo configuration.


Citrix Partners

We were pleasantly surprised to meet so many loyal Citrix partners. They, too, were eager to know about all the customer environments we could improve. They were very knowledgeable about server-side cache and flash, so our conversations got technical quickly. I think anyone who hadn’t heard of us before the show was interested in connecting after the show.

The Keynote

The first-day keynote was very well-done. The opening band was “iBand” who played “instruments” exclusively on mobile devices! Then CEO Mark Templeton led a large group of executives through several presentations on new relationships, customer stories, and announcements. Brad Peterson was particularly impressive as he demoed a lot of new features — we learned his title was “Chief Demo Officer” and immediately all decided that was our new career goal.

Peterson demoed a lot of the new features and products being announced. I was particularly impressed by the Citrix Workspace Suite, which provides "secure access to apps, desktops, data, and services." Seeing how easy it was for the user to consume their apps and data from several devices was really impressive. One of Templeton's top catch phrases was that "The original mobile device is YOU," and that theme was pervasive throughout the announcements.

The other announcement that caught my attention was around NetScaler 10.5. NetScaler is one of those products that I always knew existed but when I took the time to learn what it was, I was impressed by its versatility and, yes, scale. This release included mobile app performance improvement, visibility into the mobile network, and per-app/user security.

Social Media

Since we hadn’t been to Synergy before, we relied a lot on social media to figure out what sessions to go to, who the experts were, and where to find beers at night. The social media team at Citrix was very active, as was the community. They live-tweeted all the keynotes, and kept everyone up-to-date on all of the conference goings-on.


The Weather

I know it’s not a technical or business-related comment, but look, we’re from Boston. Temperatures have only been in the 50s. We marveled at the convention center being built next to hotels with no covered bridges connecting them! We couldn't believe breakfast was set up outside. OUTSIDE. Anaheim was beautiful, and yes, we’d love to go back.


Sheryl is Director of Product Marketing at Infinio

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