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Boone County Health Center’s virtual desktops run much faster with Infinio

Posted by Julita Kussmaul on Sep 29, 2015

Boone_logoBoone County Health Center, a general medical and surgical hospital serving several counties in Nebraska, has recently deployed Infinio’s storage acceleration technology to improve performance of their virtual desktop infrastructure. Infinio Accelerator is a software-based, server-side solution designed to increase storage performance in VMware environments with no additional hardware at a fraction of the cost of alternative designs. Read the Boone County Health Center's case study here.  

 “Our VDI is used by about 95 percent of our staff, and is most critical for our clinic and nursing floors, where the desktops are used to access electronic medical records, email and other essential applications. It’s the heartbeat of our facility, so we go as it goes,” said Justin Bleich, director of MIS at Boone County Health Center.

So when the virtual desktops experienced high latency and slow response times each morning due to a 4-hour period of boot storms, a ripple effect was felt throughout the Health Center. Slow or locked PCs caused employee anxiety and sometimes delayed patient care, increasing wait times for patients. IT had to be on standby to trouble-shoot, logging off and restarting multiple VDI sessions each morning.

“We deployed Infinio Accelerator into our 140-user VDI environment with an existing NetApp back-end storage system. After a quick, easy install, we immediately saw the results. By offloading 90% of I/O requests from our VDI environment, which freed up much needed I/O for our servers, Infinio eliminated the boot storms and smoothed out the spikes, greatly improving the end-user experience. Infinio helped us avoid a $65,000 storage upgrade and extended the life of our existing storage, while giving us more flexibility for adding performance to our environment, ” he said.

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