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Server-side caching in light of VSAN

Posted by Matt Brender on Mar 13, 2014
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This week the virtualization community erupted with VMware’s announcement of VSAN becoming generally available. I’ve had conversations with customers and community members who are curious: what does VSAN mean for Infinio?

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If you missed it, The Register did a great job reviewing the details of the VSAN launch.

In terms of what it means for Infinio, let’s take a step back and review some trends:

  • Hyperconvergence showed a compelling story around coupling of hypervisor with the storage it uses, and server SAN takes that to the next logical level: why not configure storage as a function of your hypervisor?
  • The data center landscape is evolving with the advent of Server SAN. Consolidation, simplicity of management with advances in scalability are compelling notions to us all. Said simply, Server SAN is a compelling new alternative to shared storage.

Now let’s take another look at server-side caching:

  • Infinio achieves improved application performance by offloading storage. This offload process requires I/O interception, which means Infinio Accelerator will only benefit datastores that are visible to us at the virtual machine layer.
  • Said just as simply as before, server-side caching is a complement to shared storage.

So will Infinio be able to accelerate VSAN like other storage systems?

It appears no - not unless this storage is presented back to the hypervisor in a way we can intercept, and thus offload. Maybe an API or some other mechanism will open up that Infinio can take advantage of.

For now though, we will focus on the majority of virtualization professionals who are struggling to make the best use of their storage because of performance bottlenecks.

VSAN is great for customers searching for simpler future deployments, and who do not require NAS to meet the business objectives. Infinio is an ideal solution for those who continue to leverage NAS in new or existing environments.

A big congratulations to the VSAN team and VMware for their release!

Matt is a Sales Engineer at Infinio

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