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Infinio v1.2 — Now supporting vSphere 5.5!

Posted by Alan Brandon on Mar 3, 2014

New! Infinio v1.2We are happy to announce the release of Infinio Accelerator v1.2! This update adds one of our top customer requests: support for VMware vSphere 5.5. With this version we've added support for another platform, and continued to develop our innovative software-only solution for increasing storage performance.

Infinio lets you increase the ratio of host servers to storage systems in your virtualized environment. And you can do this without adding hardware, and with virtually no operational cost.

Our customers have been installing Infinio to take advantage of our in-memory global cache that is shared and de-duplicated across the entire vSphere cluster. Because it can be installed in less than 30 minutes with no downtime and no reboots, customers can try Infinio risk-free to see the effects themselves on their VDI environments and other virtualized applications.

We always offer a free 30-day trial of Infinio. But for a limited time we're also offering a number of free, fully-functional Infinio licenses that you can use in your lab.

To learn more about Infinio, and to enter to win the free test licenses, click the button.

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