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"Infinio scores cash for flashless cache" - 451 Research

Posted by Alan Brandon on Jan 22, 2014

451 Research has released an impact report about Infinio titled, "Infinio scores cash for flashless cache." The report covers our latest financing news, and takes a look behind the scenes at our product and company.

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From the 451 Research report:

Infinio appears to have developed a polished product, Infinio Accelerator. ... Its software is more about extending the life of existing storage infrastructures than about meeting the needs of highly performance-sensitive applications. That may prove to be a very good thing for Infinio, because it is not yet clear how much demand will emerge for the alternative caching products ... but at much higher costs, and with much more complex deployments. As Infinio is keen to point out, its software requires absolutely no extra hardware to be installed, and the company claims it can be deployed very rapidly without any disruption to servers or applications.

You can read the full 451 Research impact report here. For more information about our latest round of funding, check out our press release. For more information about Infinio Accelerator see our How It Works page.

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