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Video: ESG's Steve Duplessie on Infinio Accelerator

Posted by Alan Brandon on Oct 17, 2013

Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), discusses Infinio Accelerator and how it can improve the storage performance of NAS-backed VMware environments.

Steve Duplessie, ESG, discusses Infinio

As Steve says in the video:

If you had unlimited budget, you could buy high performance flash for every server and for every application—shared and redundant. But since most of us can’t afford to even think about such a scenario, we need to find a way to make the investments we’ve already made ... work better for us. That’s why I like what Infinio is doing. 

Our software-only approach, along with our easy-to-try philosophy, means that you can make the most of your current infrastructure without having to install new hardware and without having to reboot.

You can read more about ESG's take on Infinio Accelerator by downloading their solution brief, "Storage performance with cost control."

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