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Case study: Hancock Fabrics speeds up with Infinio Accelerator beta

Posted by Alan Brandon on Sep 6, 2013

Hancock Fabrics, a specialty textile and crafts retail company, recently test drove Infinio Accelerator as part of our invitation-only private beta. During the beta trial, organized through Spiceworks, Hancock Fabrics saw a noticeable improvement in performance. In fact, when Infinio Accelerator was switched off after the beta test the users asked IT to turn it back on!

Infinio case study: Hancock Fabrics

Hancock Fabrics supports business operations and their 260 brick-and-mortar stores with a virtualized datacenter in their headquarters located in Baldwyn, Mississippi. The datacenter includes a vSphere environment backed by NFS storage.

During our private Spiceworks beta, select Spiceworks members were given exclusive access to the Infinio Accelerator beta software plus one-on-one support with Infinio staff. James Hayes, Hancock Fabrics’ Divisional Vice President of IT, reserved a test environment for the Infinio Accelerator trial. He gradually migrated more servers to the accelerated datastores, eventually including several production servers in the mix.

“We didn’t tell the users ahead of time that we were installing Infinio,” said Hayes. “We wanted to see if our employees would notice a difference in performance after their workloads were running on Infinio Accelerator.”

The users did notice. Hayes said his users reported noticeably better performance on the file servers and internal websites. In fact, Hayes noticed that the more VMs he moved onto the accelerated datastores, the better the performance improvement became.

The results were definitely promising, and Hayes plans to particpate in future beta tests as well. “Infinio Accelerator lets me squeeze a little more newness out of old hardware,” he said.

If you'd like to read more about the Hancock Fabrics trial, download the case study here.

We announced our public beta program at VMworld in San Francisco. Sign up today if you are interested in participating.

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