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VMworld 2013—Day 2

Posted by Alan Brandon on Aug 28, 2013

The 10th annual US VMworld continues to roll on and the big news, for Infinio at least, is that we won a Best of VMworld award as a Finalist in the New Technology category. We think we have an innovative solution to storage performance in virtualized environments, and the Tech Target judges agree.

Infinio wins a BEst of VMworld award as Finalist in New Technology category
Our Finalist award for Best of VMworld proudly on display in our booth

Our thanks to all of you who congratulated us and wished us well.

Our booth was busy with visitors getting demonstrations of Infinio Accelerator (now in beta) and chatting with our technical staff.

Jonathan Klick, Infinio Product Specialist, gives an interview
Jonathan Klick, Infinio Product Specialist, gives an interview

Chris Braun, Infinio Director of Application Engineering
Chris Braun, our Director of Application Engineering, fielding questions

Later in the day the Infinio booth was part of the popular VMworld Hall Crawl. As a sponsor, we rolled out the Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, and Becks taps for all to enjoy.

Carrie Reber Infinio VP of Marketing at VMworld 2013
Carrie Reber, our VP of Marketing, helps out during the Hall Crawl at VMworld 2013

And just like NAS and Infinio go together to make faster VMs, beer and pretzels go together to make an awesome Hall Crawl.

Infinio and NAS go together like beer and pretzels
Mmm, pretzels

There's more in store for Infinio at VMworld. See what we'll be up to in this blog post. Also, check out the announcement for our public beta program. And for background on Infinio Accelerator technology, read this article.

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