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The 30 Minute Myth: Accelerating NAS Performance

Posted by Alan Brandon on Aug 21, 2013

Can you really accelerate NAS performance in just 30 minutes? You've probably seen the claims: "...installed in minutes," "...deployment in under 30 minutes," improvement "within minutes...."

We make the same claim here at Infinio. You can go from downloading Infinio Accelerator to seeing increased performance on your NAS-backed VMs in 30 minutes. For other solutions, 30 minutes is just one part of the overall installation-to-improvement process.

This is the "30 minute myth": Traditional hardware-based accelerators require that you first qualify and acquire physical devices like SSDs or appliances. Then you have to install the hardware in your data center before you install the proprietary software and begin tuning your system. The software installation may take 30 minutes, but the entire project can take days, or even weeks, to complete.

The following infographic highlights the differences between traditional hardware-based solutions and downloadable storage performance with Infinio Accelerator.


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