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Vishal Misra

Founder, Chief Scientist, & Chief Cheerleader. Vishal likes to dabble, whether it is startups or academia (the other hat he wears is professor of computer science at Columbia University). At Infinio he's creating a technology roadmap that must survive the critical eyes of the much smarter people he is lucky enough to have assembled at the company. He is passionate about his family, food, and cricket.
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More RAM doesn't mean faster VMs

Posted by Vishal Misra on Oct 9, 2014


RAM is an abundant, but ultimately limited resource in server environments. Part of any performance troubleshooting effort will go into identifying where to most effectively allocate the resource. More often than not, I believe the allocation of available memory to Infinio is of more value to your infrastructure.

Here's why:

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Under the Covers: How Infinio ensures your cache stays consistent

Posted by Vishal Misra on Aug 20, 2014

Maintaining consistency in any distributed system is a hard problem, and cache-coherency specifically is a very difficult problem to tackle. We all hear about ACID requirements and the CAP theorem all the time and the "C" there is always consistency.

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