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Our work with Solarwinds on hands-off storage latency resolution

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Oct 31, 2016

We've been working with our friends over at Solarwinds® to see how we could deploy Infinio Accelerator alongide Solarwinds Virtualization Manager ("VMAN"). Storage latency issues remain a major concern in vSphere environments, and our goal was to see if we could make it even easier to address storage latency issues using VMAN's monitoring with Infinio's acceleration.  

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What's new in Infinio Accelerator 3.1

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Oct 25, 2016

Our engineers have been busy since releasing 3.0 back in June. Here's some of what's new in our 3.1 release:

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Headed to VMworld?  Us too!

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Aug 22, 2016

Our team is eagerly awaiting next week, when we'll put the finishing touches on all the demos, giveaways, collateral, and other details necessary to pack our bags and head to VMworld!

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Big news for VSAN and VVols customers

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Aug 5, 2016

A few months ago, we announced the general availability of the 3rd generation of our award-winning Infinio Accelerator.  We told you about our certification as "VMware Ready", VMware's highest level of endorsement for development partners.

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Running vSphere 6? Why you should care about VAIO.

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Jun 22, 2016

One of the things we've been touting about our newest release is how it is built specifically for vSphere 6 environments, using VMware's vSphere APIs for IO filters ("VAIO") framework.

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Announcing General Availability of Infinio Accelerator 3.0

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Jun 13, 2016

We are thrilled today to announce the General Availability of version 3.0 of Infinio Accelerator, which brings unprecedented storage performance to VMware environments.  

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Customer Q&A with OrthoTennessee: VDI success

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Apr 21, 2016

I recently talked with one of Infinio’s newest customers: OrthoTennessee, a well-respected orthopedic surgery practice with 10 locations in eastern Tennessee. Karen Clark, CIO, and Michael Barnes, Operations Supervisor, shared their experiences implementing Infinio in their VDI environment. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation:

SK: Tell me about OrthoTennessee as an organization

KC: OrthoTennessee has been in business for 60 years. We have 55 surgeons as well as many other clinicians and support staff. We see approximately 16,000 patients each month.

SK: Wow! That’s a busy set of clinics. What does your IT organization look like?

KC: We have a team of 8 people, Michael is responsible for the day-to-day operations and has a critical role in making sure everything is running smoothly. We have Dell servers and a Dell Compellent SAN, and support a variety of healthcare-related applications as well as Microsoft-based back office applications.

SK: I understand that Infinio was installed into your VDI environment. What is that like?

MB: We have several ESX hosts supporting approximately 100 non-persistent virtual dekstops on VMware View. Our original implementation of this also had a different software solution providing a performance layer, which we chose as an inexpensive alternative to a tier of flash drives.

SK: I know that you found Infinio by searching online; what were you looking for?

MB: The software we had for performance was very cumbersome in our environment. In particular, maintenance and upgrades were really impactful to the environment. If a host went down, it took 1/3 of our VMs with it. It was also hard to change the configuration without complex calculations around memory and disk space.

SK: How was your evaluation?

MB: I was really impressed with the evaluation process. The Infinio team was great – really informative and answered all my questions. Your guys let me drive during the installation and initial setup. Most vendors don’t do that – it showed the confidence the team has in its product. We started with a small pool of just 10 machines, and let it run for two weeks.

SK: What were the results?

MB: Performance was great – we saw the performance we needed for both steady-state and peak operations. We kept adding users to the test pool, and eventually took our current production pool and moved it over to Infinio.

SK: How has it been having Infinio in the environment?

KC: The full rollout of Infinio into production went smoothly. We are very pleased with the solution. Making changes, adding a host, these are no longer pain points for us. Overall, the ease of use has enabled the team to focus on more strategic projects.

MB: Infinio uses 20% less RAM than Atlantis on each ESXi host. I’d estimate we've added 60 additional desktops to the environment without buying any new hardware.

SK: What are the next big initiatives around VDI?

KC: We are working on a plan to bring virtual desktops to our Physical Therapy teams. Virtual desktops make it easier to deploy applications, make changes, and increase stability. Once our test plan for PT is successful, we’ll deploy VDI there next – with Infinio.

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What makes a successful software evaluation?

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Apr 11, 2016

After thousands of downloads of Infinio Accelerator, we’ve learned a few things about how to have a successful evaluation. And by successful, we mean one that doesn’t waste anyone’s time. I talked to some of the Infinio team members who have helped our customers have the most successful evaluations. Here’s what they had to say. 

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Customer Solutions Spotlight: Faster Database Reporting

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Mar 17, 2016

We know that the best information about Infinio comes from the source - from Infinio customers. So when we noticed that increasingly more customers had all been using Infinio the same way, we started to pay attention.

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Delivering SaaS value with on-premises software (Part 2)

Posted by Sheryl Koenigsberg on Mar 20, 2015

Recently, I talked with our Technical Director of Software Delivery, Gavin Gray, to better understand how he thinks about our internal opportunities around software delivery.  In this part of our discussion, Gavin shares some more specific ideas about bringing continuous value to our Infinio Accelerator product.

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