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The "Next Big Thing" for Database Performance

Posted by Jonathan Klick on Dec 10, 2018

I spend most of my weeks talking to VMware customers about applications that they want to perform better. It’s probably not a surprise that the majority of these conversations revolve around databases: ERP, CRM, EMR, BI, and an assortment of other fun acronyms. What’s interesting is that even the organizations who are already using high-end hardware -- including all-flash arrays -- wonder where they can find the “next big thing” to aid them in IT’s ongoing saga to deliver greater business value and help their users be more productive.

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Topics: Performance

Ask the SE: Are price drops in SSDs friend or foe?

Posted by Jonathan Klick on May 9, 2018

As I talk to customers and prospects, I get asked a lot of questions not just about our product, but also about the industry. The question I've been asked most often lately is blunt: "Are price drops in SSDs friend or foe for companies like yours?"

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Topics: Performance, Optane, RAM, 3d NAND