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Actual/Tech Media puts Infinio to the test

Posted by Carrie Reber on Mar 18, 2015
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The team over at Actual/Tech Media knows what they’re doing. David Davis (@davidmdavis), Brian Suhr (@bsuhr) and Scott Lowe (@otherscottlowe) are well-known vExperts, authors, analysts, and speakers on technical topics. The depth and breadth of their collective technical expertise is a powerful combination. If you don’t follow them on Twitter, you should. That’s why we asked them to take a look at Infinio Accelerator in their lab.


It’s well known that virtual desktop workloads put specific challenges on storage devices that can stress your storage in ways virtual servers never did. At the same time, VDI end users have high performance expectations. Too much waiting after a click can prompt cries of “give me back my PC!” Faster VDI performance is the key to project success.

Server-side caching is a great way to solve VDI workload performance problems, and in this lab report, Actual/Tech takes a close look at how Infinio Accelerator reduces latency for Xen Desktop workloads running on VMware vSphere 5.5. Some highlights include:

  • Using only 32 GB of RAM (8 GB on each of four hosts), Infinio’s deduplication resulted in an effective cache size of more than 92 GB
  • During peak load times, when all Xen VMs were powered on, an 89% storage bandwidth decrease was achieved.

  • Across numerous tests, Infinio was able to offload 60-80% of I/O requests, while also reducing CPU utilization

 Read their full results and commentary by downloading the lab report, or if you prefer, join us for the March 24 live webinar with ActualTech's David Davis and Brian Suhr. 


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